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In One Hour, Simpatico Will Help You: Understand Your Work Style & Needs.

Build Your Personal User Manual. 
Start Working the Way You Want!

Ever get that “I’m Working Harder, Not  Smarter” Feeling at work?

Is your work day, schedule and approach working for everyone else, but you? 
Create your "Personal User Manual for Working with Me" in just 60 minutes!

Rewrite Your Story!

In the bustling world of work, standout talents often blend into the background.

Be seen and thrive by embracing your authentic work style.

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After You Build Your Personal User Manual, You'll Get Your WORK DNA Insight Reports. Included with and in your detailed 20 page Work DNA Insight Report.

  • Share Your Personal User Manual via URL or Print it Out 

  • Access to your own AI Chatbot to ask questions and gain additional insights

  • Best Destiny Career Paths and Recommended Careers 

  • How You Should Be Managed

  • What Best Motivates You

  • Professional Development Recommendations

  • Your Management Style

  • Potential Blind Spot Report

  • The Value You Add To Your Team

  • How To Communicate With You The Value You Add To Your TeamHow To Communicate With You The Value You 

  • How To Recognize and Work With Your Office Opposite

  • A One Sheet Easy to Share Summary Guide for:

    • What My Boss Should Know About Me​

    • What My Coworkers Should Know About Me

    • What My Employees Should Know About Me   The Value You Add To Your TeamHow To Communicate 

Feeling overworked and undervalued despite your skills and dedication can be frustrating. If you believe that your unique way of working is the key to better results, it's time to put everyone on notice, "This Is How I Like to Work!"


Why Do I Need A Personal User Manual For Working With Me??

We all have unique wiring, but often assume others understand us completely and then we feel disappointed when our expectations aren't met.

Common examples of these assumptions include:


Thinking others should have similar thoughts


Expecting others to intuitively understand our needs


Wanting others to recall what's important to us without repeated reminders


Coming up with creative explanations for unexpected behavior


Making decisions solely based on our own expectations

This often leads to misunderstandings and miscommunications, especially in the workplace. To address this, we've introduced the idea of the "Personal User Manual for Working with Me"

What's in the FREE "Personal User Manual for Working with Me"?

The Power of Your Personal User Manual


Our user manual, with its thought-provoking questions, naturally fosters vulnerability and humility. Just like personality tests, it highlights the fact that each person is unique, and this diversity of thought and perspective improves work.


With communication, it’s best to not assume but to set clear expectations.


People feel more secure when they know what to expect. You can remove surprises.


Being part of a diverse and multicultural team offers great benefits, but it requires extra effort to understand and overcome differences to avoid miscommunications. Our Personal User Manuals aid in navigating these challenges.


Working with someone unfamiliar can take time to adjust to their work style. Having their expectations, idiosyncrasies, and guidelines documented minimizes ambiguity and unexpected scenarios.

Stop wasting time & energy making assumptions or being misunderstood

At Simpatico, we strive to help you achieve job fulfillment and balance by creating a personalized user manual that outlines your ideal work style. Our process and tools simplify the process of discovering your strengths for better work results.

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What People Are Saying

"I started out with the free version, and liked it so much that I ended up upgrading and can't tell you enough how easy it was to make my "Personal User Manual for Working with Me." It's changed my career in the best way!"

Gabby Matson, Los Angeles CA

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